What's CVSTree?

CVSTree visualizes relations between revisions of modules in a repository using a tree style representation.
CVSTree provides a global view for a repository. It runs on GNU Emacs. There are three GNU Emacs interfaces for CVS program. PCL-CVS, VC and CVSTree. The main deference between PCL-CVS, VC and CVSTree is the operation target of the interfaces. PCL-CVS targets on file and directory sets you are editing. VC targets on a file you are editing. Against them, CVSTree targets on a repository that might contain some revisions of modules. You might use these three at same time.




About project

Description of meta view of this project.

Screen shot

Cliek here.


The network resources for developing cvstree.el are provided by lilo.
Masatake YAMATO (masata-y@is.aist-nara.ac.jp)
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